Surf & Yoga Retreat

• Learn to surf and do yoga on the beautiful waves and sand of Rockaway Beach!
• Be instructed by professionals in both yoga and surfing, which is great for all guests, no matter what your skill set!
• The session is 4 hours long, so guests will have plenty of time to get the most out of this relaxing and calming experience.

What does surfing and yoga have in common? Aside from the gentle sounds from their respective environments (calming waves on the beach for surfers, whatever soothing soundtrack the instructor’s playing for yoginis), they both strive on finding wellness and balance to those who practice it. It might’ve never crossed your mind to practice both simultaneously, but this surf school in the heart of Rockaway Beach blends the two into one meditative retreat.

In the span of a laid back weekend afternoon, you’ll focus on the quintessential elements of the complementary sports—practicing your downward dog and sun pose during an energizing yoga session on the therapeutic sands, followed by hanging ten on the crisp waters on the Rockaways. For beginners of either surfing or yoga, both instructors leading the retreat are experts at both, so they’ll be happy to assist you with perfecting your surf stance or practice your vinyasa poses.

This experience feels more like a relaxing staycation—less than an hour away from Lower Manhattan, you'll feel like you’re hundreds of miles away when you hit the sands and open waters—so this gift is best for the yoginis or surfer babes in your life looking for a bit of a get away from NYC’s quintessential hustle and bustle

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New York Surf School

Long Island
4 Hours
A 4-hour retreat on a sunny Saturday or Sunday of your choice - 2 hour surfing lesson with Board, wetsuit, and hot showers at the surf shop and, a 2 hour Yoga class.
2 Adults - no experience required
Important InformationBYOM! (Bring Your Own Mat), or a big beach towel if you prefer. Bring lunch.

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Surf & Yoga Retreat
$ 159
$ 159
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