And if you’re lucky – there will be folk dancing as well


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• Learn the traditional muscial craft of yodeling in the Bavarian Alps.
• Experience Munich like a native yodeler.
• Walk away with an official "Yodel Diploma" after the lesson!

We’ve probably all attempted this at one point in our lives for fun, but who would’ve thought you’d ever have the opportunity to master the craft of yodeling?

Learn the techniques of this traditional style of music right where it started; in the Bavarian Alps in the environs of Munich. Set out in the iconic verdant valleys before boarding a train up towards the top of the picturesque mountains. The one-of-a-kind setting over the Alps will most likely inspire you for your upcoming yodel workshop.

The day-long seminar is all-intensive—think breathing exercises, vocal classes, and learning the theories behind yodeling—but you’ll have time for a filling lunch in a cottage inn and a little bit of folk dancing. Remember to take full advantage of this unique experience and enjoy the fresh air from above.

Approximately 8 hours
*Vocal workshop and breathing exercises*Professional seminar; the theory and practice of yodeling - including Gipfeljodeln, Almjodeln, Dialogjodeln, Echojodeln*Introduction to distinctive yodeling-traditions*Yodel-diploma
Everybody who want to learn Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo!
- Transportation to and from this experience, overnight accommodation and meals are not included in the price - Lunch on top of the mountain and transportation with the mountain railroad train costs approximately 13 USD

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