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Wine Tasting Sail for 2

Relax and enjoy a wine and cheese tasting as you sail around the beautiful city of New York!

Wine Tasting Sail for 2

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Total price: $190
Wine Tasting Sail for 2
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Wine Tasting Sail for 2

• Take a sail around NYC for the perfect tour, accompanied by wines from all over the world.
• Snacks are included, so relax, take in the view, and learn a little about high-end wine!
• Each Wine Sail features an eclectic selection that may highlight differing countries, trends and themes.

There’s nothing worse than traffic in the summer, especially if you’re trying to get to a vineyard in Long Island. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid all of that. Instead, make your way over to one of NYC’s best cruise lines for a wine tasting sail, where you can tes out different wines while seeing incredible views of the city.

If you know a die-hard wino, or someone who just wants to take a quick trip out of the city, this is the perfect experience for them. Gift your loved ones with the invaluable opportunity to sit back and relax.

This experience is more than just fun and games, it’ll also leave the guests with any basic knowledge they might need to understand wines. Throughout this two hour sail there will be cheese and charcuterie served.

The best part about this sail? You can pick and choose which cruise you want to go on because each one has its own selections of wines and themes.

2 hours
Sail Experience with wine tasting. You will enjoy a delightful harbor adventure that will expand your palate as we pair great wines with cheese and charcuterie.
People of all ages, but wine will only be served for Adults 21 & Up
Dress comfortably and prepare appropriately - The ship sails rain or shine!

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