Whiskey Appreciation Class

Whiskey Appreciation Class

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Whiskey Appreciation Class
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Whiskey Appreciation Class

• Pick up all there is to know about Whiskey from this class right in NYC!
• Education includes how to appreciate different kinds of Whiskeys, Bourbons, and Scotches.
• Learn to specifically taste and evaluate many different styles while enjoying the fine drinks!

Sign up for this educational class into the world of fine liquor tasting. Whiskey, and drinks of the same sort, have very defining flavors and it takes a great amount of work to get those drinks to their desired flavors. This is the class that will help you determine how different drinks are brewed, why, and what flavors might exist in these many different drinks. This is the kind of experience any level of Whiskey drinker can enjoy. Drinks covered include all sorts of levels of expense and class, so everyone will be able to taste the finest products available. Pick up a few tips into finding the perfect flavor and enjoy learning a few facts on the beloved drink all the same! Nothing is sponsored and there are no biases, so all the drinks are of the best quality specific to the classes needs!

Bring along your drinking buddy or alcohol connoisseur for an afternoon or evening of fun and drinks!

1 - 2 hours
This experience includes a whiskey tasting class for all levels of experience.
For 1, 2, or 4 people, ages 21 & up!
Must be 21 & up to participate in this experience!

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