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Experience Zero Gravity

Experience 8 minutes of weightlessness

Experience Zero Gravity

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Experience Zero Gravity
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Experience Zero Gravity

• Get a chance to ride in a Boeing 727 G-Force One.
• Feel free to make the most of the experience by doing flips, spins, and all sorts of other fun tricks!
• Bring your childhood fantasies of Zero-G to real life!

If you ever took a basic physics course, you’ve probably wondered what it felt like to be 100 percent weightless. But have you ever imagined having the opportunity to discover that out-of-body sensation for yourself? Well, prepare for an out-of-this-world (almost literally) experience for yourself on the horizon line overlooking Earth.

This once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity is usually reserved for astronauts or cosmonauts, but now you’ll have the rare chance to truly feel what it means to be free floating in zero gravity. After a hearty breakfast and a brief introduction, you’ll head on board the specially-designed Boeing 727 G-Force One. You’ll then be at the hands of specially trained pilots, who’ll maneuver their way around the atmosphere until you feel a weightless sensation. From there you’ll touch the tips of the sky on the horizon line, where you’ll attain a state of weightlessness for about eight minutes. Take this opportunity to work on some flips in the cabin—you won’t want to pass up the chance to turn some tricks around the aircraft.

This experience was specially crafted for the kids at heart in all of us. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a space cadet, exploring the solar system at the speed of light, this a good place to live out your fantasies.


Photo by jurvetson

5 hours (approximately)
*Intro & Briefing *Breakfast *Flight – until the aircraft reaches appropriate altitude (and back) *A total of approximately 8 minutes of weightlessness (12-15 curves/parabolas) *Photo and certificate
1 Person, All Ages
This experience requires a good physical condition Transportation to and from the experience is not included Insurances are not included – check up on your own insurance coverage

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