Wardrobe Revamp with your Personal Stylist
Wardrobe Revamp with your Personal Stylist

• Have a professional stylist build you an entirely new wardrobe!
• Gain knowledge and a new sense of style for current fashion trends.
• Enjoy shopping with your professional stylist who is ready to provide constructive, distinct advice!

This is a full experience, catered to those who are looking to revitalize their wardrobe. This experience will take your style to the next level by using the old things in your closet in combination with new to create fantastically, stunning outfits. The first step is inviting a professional stylist into your home. This stylist will go through, with you, the things in your wardrobe to get an idea of what your like, who you are, and what should be thrown out! Once the home consultation is over, you and your stylist will have a shopping date at a store or stores catered to your needs. Worry not because the stylist will be there to advise you every step of the way. Lastly, you'll enjoy another home session where the professional stylist will break down your outfits, expand upon your new purchases, and setup your newly revitalized clothing collection. Essentially, everything is taken care of for you! Be prepared to walk away more knowledgeable about style & fashion, as well as your own preferences.

This is the kind of experience perfect for any lady in your life. Shopping, clothes, fashion, and fun, what more could the woman in your life ask for?

This is a multi-day experience with a duration totalling up to 7 hours.
This experience includes a closet analysis and consultation where the professional stylist will help you determine what to keep, toss, or reuse. The stylist will also help you put together outfits from your already existing collection of clothes, shop, and help you decide on great clothing selections!
For 1 person, all ages!
This experience invites a stylist into your home. Most of the experience will be in your home.

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Wardrobe Revamp with your Personal Stylist
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