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Wardrobe & Closet Consultation with a Stylist

Wardrobe & Closet Consultation with a Stylist

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Total price: $400
Wardrobe & Closet Consultation with a Stylist
Total price: $400 Price
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Wardrobe & Closet Consultation with a Stylist

• Invite a professional stylist into your home to breath new life into your old clothes.
• Head-to-toe outfits will be planned and layed out for your current and future benefit.
• Walk away with new insights into fashion, style, and your own preferences!

If you love your clothes, but are tired of wearing the same things, then you've just found the perfect experience. This Wardrobe & Closet Consultation begins by inviting a professional stylist into your home. Once there, the stylist will take their time, slowly combing through your entire collection of clothes. In the process, the stylist will provide suggestions as to what things should be thrown away, tailored, or reused. In the last phase of the stylist's visit, head-to-toe outfits will be planned and photographed for your future reference. This is basically the experience where a stylist comes in and fully prepares your closet for your personal use. Since this is a professional stylist, the results will be fashion-wise and still appeal to your personal sense of style! You'll find new outfits without even shopping.

Have a professional stylist consult your collection for fashion optimization and clothing utilization. Perfect for any clothes-crazed ladies in your life!

2 - 2.5 hours
This experience includes a closet analysis and consultation where the professional stylist will help you determine what to keep, toss, or reuse. The stylist will also help you put together outfits from your already existing collection of clothes!
For 1 person, all ages.
The stylist will come to your home in this experience.

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