Wagon train and horse adventure

Experience the life of early settlers

Wagon train and horse adventure

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Wagon train and horse adventure
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Wagon train and horse adventure

Experience the life of early settlers!

With a wagon train trip and horse adventure.

You can either walk, ride a horse, or ride in a horse drawn wagon in the beautiful Teton Mountains.

Four days and three nights of riding horses, the most spectacular views in the western U.S. Enjoy the wildflower meadows, meals cooked on an open fire, evenings around the campfire telling stories and singing, looking at the millions of stars in a Wyoming sky, and sleeping snugly tucked into a sleeping bag (and tent if you would like).

Each day the whole camp packs up and in a few hours moves to a new location just like the wagon trains of the old west.

4 days (3 nights)
Trek through pristine backcountry,
Covered wagon Ride and wagon,Plenty of horseback riding,Nature hikes in beautiful country near Yellowstone,Canoeing & swimming,
Campfire entertainment,
Delicious dutch oven Food.
1 person (price is for 15 years old and above, younger kids welcome)
Only available in the summer on specific dates, book well in advance.

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