Unleash your Voice with the help of Jon Stancato

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Unleash your Voice with the help of Jon Stancato
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Unleash your Voice with the help of Jon Stancato

• Unleash the power of your voice for any use: singing, talking, voice acting etc...
• Be more confident and feel more comfortable with your voice for all occasions!
• Take this workshop as in introductory course to over onto the more advanced classes! (Special Discounts for Go Dreamers!)

Show up to an amazingly acoustic venue for a voice lesson that will change your life. With the world-renowned singing instructor, Jon Stancato, you'll be introduced to the most important tips and tricks to making your voice heard. Jon Stancato is used to working with people who have a multitude of reasons to increase their vocal power, so be it for public speeches or a private concert, this is the ideal lesson for your purposes. Jon Stancato will go through the steps that it takes to reach the octaves or goals that you're looking to achieve. Stancato is the type of instructor that is used to working with an array of different vocalists, which makes this lesson perfect for any level of singer or speaker. After this lesson, a change in your ability to project your voice, and in different tones, will be apparent. Take this workshop as an intro to even bigger and better things. You could even continue to the lessons if you desire! Jon Stancato gives a discount to Go Dreamers!

Anyone who enjoys singing will love this experience, and even more so if they intend on using it for their future!

About 3 hours
This experience includes a singing workshop with voice professional, Jon Stancato!
For 1 person, age 15 & up!
Patrons must be at least 15 years of age to participate in this experience. The exact location will be provided during the booking process.

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