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Ultimate NYC Jet Ski Tour

Ultimate NYC Jet Ski Tour

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Ultimate NYC Jet Ski Tour

• Ride a Jetski through the waterways around New York City!
• Go where ever you please for up to 3 hours.
• From the vantage point of the Jetski, guests will have unbelievable photo opportunities as they see the sights like never before!

Feel the salty ocean breeze in your hair as you explore the depths of a legendary oceanfront on a swift jetski. If you think you can only do that in a tropical setting, think again.

Rent a jetski in Brooklyn to explore NYC in an active new way. Spend an hour touring the skyscrapers, landmarks, and everything in between on a high-speed watercraft. Unlike the usual jet ski tour around the boroughs, the only thing guiding you is your freedom; guide your jet ski to your own destination and explore the Big Apple on your own terms.

This NYC-centric gift is great for newcomers looking for alternative experiences and tours without restrictions.

3 Hours
3 hour Jet ski rental - and a jet ski trip circling the entire island of Manhattan! Safety lesson: how to operate & control the jet ski. Gear: personal flotation device and wetsuits in various sizes. Gym locker for storing your belongings (lock NOT provided).
1 Person, Ages 18+
Participants must be 18 years of age or older to Jetski Valid photo ID required Please wear beach attire (bathing suit) or whatever you feel will be comfortable. It is also recommended that you bring water-shoes, a towel, suntan lotion, sunglasses, and a small lock to store your belongings in a locker provided. Prices for rental are per jet ski, and not per person

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