Rent! The Inspiration Behind The Musical

• Experience the musical, "RENT", from behind the scences, on the streets where it was inspired and shot!
• See Manhattan's East Village, which has been a staple in muscial history for since the creation of "RENT."
• Feel free to ask questions about the musical or the area! The tour guides are local experts of both!

Experience the "Seasons of Love" in real time! This walking tour will take you from the spot where Jonathan Larson's musical masterpiece debuted through the streets where RENT was shot and inspired. This 2 mile-2 hour walking tour will have you singing the lyrics to La Vie Boheme as you take in all there is to know behind the origins of RENT. This story of love, loss, depression, and struggle will be given a whole new angle of context by which you can enjoy and explore. Tour guides will be singing throughout the tour and will encourage you to join in! Tour guides are prepared with photos and videos as well as inside information about the play itself. Customers are encouraged to ask questions. These guides are all well versed in the sensation that is RENT!

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New York Broadway Tours

New York
About 2 hours
- A two-hour walking tour of the East Village.- Information about the area and how it inspired Jonathan Larson's musical RENT!- Visit the locations where RENT was created in the East Village!
Suitable for all ages. Minors should be accompanied by an adult.
- Bring comfortable shoes. We will be walking throughout the entirety of the tour.- Please note that we do not go inside any of the equity theatres due to union restrictions however we will entertain you with backstage stories and personal experiences.)

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Rent! The Inspiration Behind The Musical
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