Tour Manhattan Like a Concert Hall Audience: “THE TOUR”


• See NYC from a comfortable stadium style seat in this futuristic, panoramic coach bus.
• Get a chance to learn and check out some of the most well-known sights in the city!
• Between the tour guide, sights, and slew of street performers, guests are guaranteed to be entertained!

If you’re overwhelmed about what you should do first when you first arrive to New York City, why not absorb as much of Manhattan as you can in a New York minute?

With this immersive bus tour, you’ll get an insider’s look into Midtown and the Upper West Side in one go. Led by an all-knowing tour guide, you’ll be riding in a stadium-style bus with side-facing seats, giving you a perfectly panoramic view of the city surrounding you. Your ride will have a kickin’ party atmosphere with surround sound, over 3,000 LED lights, and 40 plasma TVs. By the time you descend from the scaling bus steps, you and your family will be ready to take the Big Apple by storm.

This experience is a great gift for newcomers to NYC, especially if they’re equipped with youngsters—this trip is child-friendly and fun for the entire family

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Experience the Ride

New York
75 Minutes
-75-minute immersive tour of Midtown/Times Square-5-7 street performances-2 professional comedic hosts-Trivia, karaoke, and more!-Stadium-style, side-facing seating with a panoramic view-Floor-to-ceiling glass windows, 3,000 LED lights, 40 plasma TV screens, and surround sound
1 Person, Ages 6+

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Tour Manhattan Like a Concert Hall Audience: “THE TOUR”
$ 45
$ 45
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