Miniature Terrarium Workshop

• Create a miniature terrarium decoration at this workshop located in Brooklyn!
• The workshop instructors are planting professionals who have been featured in The New York Times.
• With the instructor's insights and guest's creative vision, each terrarium will be a reflection of one's dream garden!

NYC may have a lot of things going for it—accessibility to all kinds of culture, restaurants, and nightlife is a good place to start. Access to green space, though, is another story. More likely than not, your best bet is taking the subway to Central or Prospect Park (or, for those who like a bit of a trek, the Highline or Riverside Park). Lacking proper backyard space doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo some greenery in your space, though!

Create your own decorative plant scene with a private, personalized terrarium workshop. The green-thumbed experts teaching you how to make your own DIY terrariums have been featured in places like The New York Times, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple—so you know they know what they’re talking about. After selecting your perfect plant based on your at-home situation (specifically your home’s lighting and maintenance needs), they’ll guide you through creating and customizing your perfectly verdant landscape. Your home will have a more bucolic feel by the end of the studio session.

2 Hours
Your own miniature terrarium, once it is finished! a. 1 Person Terrarium Making Workshop Select from three glass options with adorable animal or people figures.b. 2 Person Terrarium Making Workshop (+$125)select from three glass options with adorable animal or people figures.c. Terrarium Making Party (+$350) Invite your friends, coworkers and make it a party! Cost for a 5 people “private” session, with an additional $125 per person (between 5 and 50 people). Select from three glass options with adorable animal or people figures.
1-5 People, depending upon price option, All Ages

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Miniature Terrarium Workshop
$ 150
$ 150
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