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Team Go-Kart Race for 3

Team Go-Kart Race for 3

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Total price: $849
Team Go-Kart Race for 3
Total price: $849 Price
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Compete with your friends or family to find out who the best driver really is!

• Team up to create a 3-person Go Kart team to go against other drivers!
• Perfect for family fun! Go Karts are easy to use and child-friendly!
• Compete through a series of rounds to become the best Go Kart Team!

Gift your boyfriend or your best pal with this incredible opportunity to test out their driving skills! Race alongside 14 other teams where each team goes on a 10-minute qualifying session. The best will continue on to a 3-hour race where things really get intense. Each team will have to execute 11 driving maneuvers to prove their worth.

Since this is a group event, this experience is great for families too! Bring everyone out to the Poconos for a weekend of fun and adventure. Not only will guests be able to drive a go kart, but they’ll also learn all about it from the experts. It’s a sure-fire way to get out in the sun and have some fun!

3 hours
Go Karts and rental of all necessary equipment. Personal instruction and 30 minutes of behind the wheel training before the race
For a team of 3, with a need for speed
Age Requirements: The driver must be at least 16 years old and have and show a valid drivers license. Size Requirements: Maximum height 6'4"" / weight 250lbs. Minimum height 5'0"" / weight 100lbs.

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