Taste of Queens Tour

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Taste of Queens Tour

• Enjoy touring through three of Queen's most culturally rich neighborhoods.
• Make stops to enjoy some of the boroughs best restaurants and eateries.
• This tour is an expansive and engaging four hours of exploring the roots of NYC.

Some argue that Queens is the best borough in NYC and it seems like the only way to figure that out is through a tour of the eclectic borough. It’s the largest borough in size and has the most diverse population out of the entire USA. Experience the authenticity and vivaciousness that this borough has to offer alongside professional tour guides.

This is a sightseeing tour through Queens where the gift receiver will be brought through 3 different, but very popular, culturally rich neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are what makes Queens exciting and unique, and the gift receiver will have the chance to experience the culture first hand. In short, if you know someone looking for things to do in Queens, you've found the perfect activity.

About 4.5 hours
The tour will take you to three very different neighborhoods in Queens, New York, to experience the uniqueness in culture, architecture, food and history. The guide will talk about New York City's history and how Queens' fit in while exploring the very "real New York" neighborhoods. We'll go to local shops and supermarkets, where food and keepsakes will be available for purchase.
People of all ages, with an interest in culture, architecture, history and great food!
We advise you to wear comfortable shoes

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