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Taste of Queens Group Tour

Taste of Queens Group Tour

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Total price: $300
Taste of Queens Group Tour
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Taste of Queens Group Tour

Engage in a tour of Queens, NY
 Explore the borough's history and culture
 The tour is available in English, Danish, and other languages upon request

Take a tour through history and culture. This tour of Queens brings the gift receiver on a journey through 3 of the most prominent neighbohoods in Queens. Along the journey, you'll have the opportunity to see the sights, interact with your group, purchase drinks, food, and keepsakes, and enjoy a very carefully crafted tour explanation from your tour guide.

This experience gift will provide hours of entertainment and fun. The tour guides are professionals who are extra familiar with the area and the history that lies therein. The tour is as effective on city veterans as it is on foreigners and tourists. This is the best option for things to do in Queens, and will introduce the gift receiver to many other activities that can be done in the city's most populated and diverse borough.

About 4.5 hours
This gift includes a private tour for up to 10 people through Queens by a professional tour guide with stops for food, drinks, and other purchasable items.
Up to 10 people, All ages
We advise to wear comfortable shoes. This experience gift is good for up to 10 participants.

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