Spa massage

Spa massage

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Spa massage
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Spa massage

• Release the tension of work with a professional massage.
• Visit a prestigious Manhattan Spa for the best treatment available.
• Choose one of four different massage options.

Tension has plagued the everyday hard worker since the dawn of time. That feeling of back tenseness and severe drowsiness becomes a prerequisite to work when you live a hard worker's life. The only relief that a hard worker has is his/her bed and the space he/she lives in, but sometimes even that doesn't feel like a place to be comfortable and relax. When work has got you down and you know home-life is just as stressful, there has to be a place to relax and unwind. The best way to relieve the tensions of work and/or life, relax, and unwind is through a massage.

A massage can be a therapeutic experience that melts away strains and muscle aches that have been building up for years. The professionals at some of New York's best Spas are well known to have the ability of rejuvenating a person. This could be in the form of a Swedish, Hot Stone, or Aromatherapy massage, but all are equally serene and tranquil. These massages will last from an hour to 90 minutes. The masseuse and massage will act as a tour guide and bus through a land of nirvana and ecstasy as you lie down enjoying the touches in just the right places.

This is perfect for a father to daughter gift, as a congrats for a promotion or graduation, for a mother on her birthday or anniversary, or as a sorry from a boyfriend looking to make-up with a lost girlfriend. Grab a massage and feel relieved!

60 minutes
60 Minute full body Swedish massage that combines gentle pressure and long, smooth strokes to relieve aches and body tension.

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