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Rockaways Surf or Paddle Board Lessons

Rockaways Surf or Paddle Board Lessons

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Rockaways Surf or Paddle Board Lessons
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Rockaways Surf or Paddle Board Lessons

• Learn how to surf from an experienced instructor.
• Choose the direction of your lesson on either a paddle board or a surf board.
• All equipment and attire is provided, so don't concern yourself with bringing anything beside your enthusiasm and excitement!

Surfing always looks cool on TV, but Youtube videos of people wiping out, on the other hand, might not. This is the experience to prepare you for a surf vacation where you can feel cool and avoid wipeouts!

Take a 2-hour group surf lesson to grab some of the basics or spend an hour in a one-on-one session with a professional surfer. Either way, you will learn how to surf. These lessons will work you out and teach you a new skill. Become prepared to hit the beach and waves this summer!

1 - 2 hours depending on the chosen lesson.
2 hour surf lesson with professional instructor or 1 hour paddle board lesson. - Board Rental & wetsuit
1 Person, All Ages

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