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Spend the night underwater

21 feet under the sea surface

Spend the night underwater

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Total price: $800
Spend the night underwater
Total price: $800 Price
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Spend the night underwater

This special lodging underwater can only be reached diving there!

A memorable experience. Your clothes and dinner will be packed in an air tight container and you dive into the wet room. The diving instructor prepare dinner and dive back out. And you get to spend the evening watching underwater movies and snacking 21 feet under the sea surface.

The cottage sized underwater building has lots of comforts: hot showers, a well stocked kitchen,, books, music, and video movies. And of course there are cozy beds, where you and the other guests can snuggle up. Or why not watch the marine underwater life from the window.

This experience is for certified SCUBA divers only. Perfect giftcard experience for couples to do together.

1 night
Underwater stay in a room for two. Pizza delivery dinner to the underwater lodge. Breakfast incl. coffee or tea, orange juice, and your choice of cereal. Water, soda, and snacks. Dive gear is included.
2 persons. This experience is for certified SCUBA divers only.
The underwater lodge is shared with others (not same room). This experience is for certified SCUBA divers only.

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