Spend the night in an underground cave
220 feet below the ground
Spend the night in an underground cave

Spend the night in an underground cave

Imagine spending the night in one of the the oldest, darkest, deepest, quietest, and largest room in the world. 


This is the largest dry cavern in the country.In a cavern that took 65 million years to form, 220 feet below ground.


The air is dry and clean coming into the caverns via 65 miles of limestone crevices from the Grand Canyon.


You will take an elevator down 22 stories underground. The staff will hand carry your water down, and the next morning you will get a made to order breakfast.

The actual cave "room" consists of 2 double/queen beds, a flat screen TV with movies, snacks, popcorn and candy bars. Also a stocked mini-freidgs with complementary bottles of water, soda and a coffee maker. There is a small bathroom incl. a shower.


Spending the night in an underground cave is definitely a very unique experience.



This is probably the largest, deepest, darkest, oldest, quietest motel "room" in the world:

  • Largest. 200 feet by 400 feet with 70 foot ceiling
  • Oldest: Caverns and walls over 65 million years
  • Deepest: 220 feet below the surfaces, access via elevator
  • Darkest: absent of any light
  • Quietest: the only sound is your heart beating and your breath. 
  • Driest: zero humidity, nothing lives in the caverns, not a fly, not bat, nothing!


1 night
1 night stay 220 feet below the ground. 2 double beds. Flat screen TV with a VHS and DVD player along with a number of movies to choose from (no cable). Complimentary candy bars, snacks, and microwave popcorn were provided (and a microwave to cook it with). A mini-fridge stocked with complimentary sodas and bottles of water and a coffee maker. The small bathroom has running water and includes a shower. Made to order breakfast the following morning.
2 adults
You are not in a room but the actual cavern itself. The temperatures stays at 59 degrees year round. When you turn the lights off it's completely black. Check in is after 4 pm. You take the elevator down 22 stories underground and spend the night in the cave. The cave is very quiet and dark, large and old, and you are alone.

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Spend the night in an underground cave
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