Spa-Day Body Wrap

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Spa-Day Body Wrap
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Spa-Day Body Wrap

• Get wrapped like a tortilla in a soothing and rejuvenating layer of seaweed.
• Unwind and relax as your skin absorbs healthy minerals and anti-toxins.
• Enjoy youthful skin again and feel great as well!

Rough, cracked skin getting you down? Jump-start rehydrating your skin with a body wrap at a Greenwich Village spa.

If you’re worried about looking similar to a mummy, consider all the benefits of cocooning your body. Underneath all the cloths (or seaweed) is all kinds of essential oils, herbs or sea salts—the essential elements needed to remineralize and detoxify your stressed-out skin. Focus on unwinding while the toxins empty out from your body and your skin is reconditioned. Once you unravel, you’re met with replenished and hydrated skin—a gift in itself (although this would generally make a good gift for those who need a bit of pampering themselves).

Length of appointment
1 Body Wrap treatment. This effective treatment detoxifies and re-mineralizes dry, stressed skin. As stress and toxins are eliminated, your entire body resurfaces- youthful, replenished and hydrated.
1 Person, Adult

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