Soothing Hot Stone Massage

Soothing Hot Stone Massage

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Soothing Hot Stone Massage
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Soothing Hot Stone Massage

• Relax every muscle in your body with the most soothing hot stone massage.
• Visit a prestigious Manhattan Spa for the best treatment available.
• This massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on anything.

Are you feeling tense after a long work week? A hot stone massage will melt away all your worries. This massage, originally used by Native Americans, helps with muscle stiffness, tension, and blood circulation. The magic lies within the hot basalt stones that are strategically placed on your body by our trained professionals, alleviating pressure from all muscle groups.

This spa is known around NYC for its premier service and expansive list of experiences. Their staff includes experts who are well-versed in everything from reflexology to deep tissue massages. So, what are you waiting for? Spare yourself an hour after work or send it to your hardest-working loved one as a gift. They’ll be sure to thank you after!

60 minutes
A soothing, 1-hour hot stone massage
For you, if you love a great massage

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