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Smartphone Photography Class in Central Park

Smartphone Photography Class in Central Park

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Total price: $45
Smartphone Photography Class in Central Park
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Smartphone Photography Class in Central Park

• Enjoy a live, guided tour of central park
• Visit the best sights for photos & selfies
• Learn tips on how to take perfect Smartphone photos, as well as factoids on the historical and architectural background of Central Park

This is an engaging tour and lesson combo. Experience having a tour guide that doubles as a professional photographer, who will take guests to the best photo opportunities in Central Park. The tour guide will provide tips, suggestions, and advice on taking photos while also conducting a historical tour through the park itself. This is the kind of experience that never dulls and keeps guests on their toes.

Create absolutely vivid images and pick up on some historical background about one of the most well known and most visited parks in the U.S. This experience is perfect for lovers of history and lovers of selfies alike, but the amount of creative backgrounds and opportunities for candid shots are so abundant, it makes this a great experience for everyone in general.

2 hours
This experience gift includes professional photographer and licensed tour guide services along a 2 hour tour. Lessons in history and photography are also included.
Ages 12 & up. Minors (17 and under) require the presence of an adult.
You must, of course, own and bring a smartphone with a camera.

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