Side by Side Car Racing

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Side by Side Car Racing
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Side by Side Car Racing

• Push a real muscle car to it's fastest speed & feel the rush of adrenaline!
• Go up against your friend, dad, or girlfriend for some friendly competition!
• Race side-by-side with your opponent as if you were in a big-screen movie!

Racing games are fun and all, but there is absolutely no comparison to the real thing. Imagine you can your best friend zooming down the raceway at 120 mph just for fun. Better yet, race against your friend for a friendly side-by-side competition. There is a total of 3 quarter miles laps, single elimination, and you get to pick what car you'd like to drive. Everything is catered to you and your friend, so make the most out of the action-packed, adrenaline rushing race! A brief safety session will be held prior to the race as well as a practice drive. We;ll make sure you're ready to burn some rubber before you step out onto the raceway on your own!

For the perfect speed-demon session or adrenaline rush you've been craving, look no further! Go Dream has the cars for you!

About 3 hours
This experience includes an instructional safety course, track orientation, a demonstration drive, safety gear, and three quarter mile drives.
For 2 licensed drivers, ages 16 & up!
Patrons must be at least 16 years of age with a driver's license in order to participate in this experience.

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