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Shooting Range Firearms Training

Shooting Range Firearms Training

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Shooting Range Firearms Training
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Shooting Range Firearms Training

• Get lessons from an experienced, and certified, shooting instructor.
• Enjoy a full day or half day shooting a gun of your choice!
• A ride from the local PATH train station to the shooting range is included, so feel free to take the train!

Ever wonder how your favorite characters on TV or in the movies learn how to have such perfect aim when firing a gun? More likely than not, some of them probably got extensive training to teach them the ropes—and you, too, can learn their explosive techniques!

Aim for the bullseye at one of New Jersey’s best shooting ranges. You’ll receive firearm training from a roster of certified instructors who have decades of shooting practice under their belts. After an extensive introduction and a lesson on gun safety, you’re off to the range with your ammo to learn how to shoot rifles, pistols, or shotguns—or all three, if that suits your fancy.

This course includes classroom and range time learning to shoot with a specific type of fire arms. Students will learn the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, learn about parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; cleaning the weapon; and continued opportunities for skill development. -A pick up from the nearest PATH train station/Transportation to the shooting range -An intro/safety course
1 Person, Adults Only
All attendees must have a clean criminal record and fill out the training application on host website.

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