Create Your Own Perfume

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Create Your Own Perfume
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Create Your Own Perfume

• Create a scent based on your own preferences and desires!
• Bring friends and family for a perfect ladies night out!
• Take a bottle of your uniquely created scent home to show off to everyone.

Participate in an educational experience through the world of scent. Let the qualities and features of various ingredients speak to you and breeze past your nostrils as you contemplate exactly what kind of smell you'd like to represent you. The power of smell has been known to effect emotions, moods, recollection of memories, and sensual desires. What kind of effect would you like your customized scent to deliver?

This experience begins on location at a Scentarium in Manhattan (or at a location of your own choosing if you click that option). Once there, you will be educated in the many traits that make up aromas, Eau De Toilette, perfumes, and fragrances. After a brief education into the world of smell, you'll be presented with an array of choices to begin concocting your desired personal scent. These ingredients range from fruits to woods and many other choices, each with their own specific effect on people. After making your precise ingredient choices, you will finally be able to create a blend that resembles you! At the end of the lesson, you'll be allowed to take home a bottle of your perfected aroma and thus share it with your friends and loved ones.

This experience is ideal for bridal showers or a girl's night out. Bring a friend along and enjoy trying out the many different ways of creating the perfect scent together! This could also be a gift for mom or a special daughter! Just don't let get the impression that you think they smell bad!

1-2 hours
Learn about the magic and mystery of scent in a Fragrance Workshop designed for you, with renowned Perfume expert, Sue Phillips. Sue will take you on a personal journey where you will learn about the various Fragrance Families that are the building blocks of any perfume. With the guiding hand of Sue, you will then continue your fragrance journey, as you learn how to create a Custom Scent.You will bring home a bottle of your own scent creation.
Adults who love perfume!

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