Room with a View, 2 Nights in NYC

Room with a View, 2 Nights in NYC

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Room with a View, 2 Nights in NYC
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Room with a View, 2 Nights in NYC

• Enjoy an extravagant stay at a prestigious NYC hotel!
• Catch a view of Manhattan unlike anything you've ever seen!
• Use your room as a hub to explore the modern urban jungle!

Imagine taking the elevator of a fancy NYC hotel up to the 20th floor. Throughout the elevator trip, you and everyone else in the lift are drooling at the beautiful aesthetics of the hotel, as well as the elaborate sites within the elevators view alone. Once you've reached the 20th floor, you step out onto a glossy, ivory hallway that leads directly to your room. Soon, your travels come to a halt at the doorway of your room. The anticipation of what lies behind that door has you anxiously fiddling with the key card, attempting to unlock the door. After your door swings open and you drop your luggage near the bed, you notice the blinds on the enormous window are completely closed over. You take a few steps to the window, swing both blinds open in opposite directions with the effort of your entire wing span, and drop your jaw to the ground...
In front of you lies the entirety of Southern Manhattan from Central Park down to Fulton St. & back! Your eyes can't even register it all at once. From here the entire city seems like one big non-stop moving machine.

This is the view and experience that comes with "Room with a View." There's nothing in Manhattan like it and it's great for out of town tourists!

3 days & 2 nights
This experience includes a 3 night, 2 day stay at one of Manhattan's highest quality hotels where you'll witness a magnificent view of the elaborate city!
For 1 - 2 people, all ages!

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