Romantic weekend
Light up the love!

Spark up your relationship with a romantic weekend getaway. Take your loved one on a journey of your choosing to one of many romantic locations. In fact, you can choose between 140.000 hotels worldwide! 


There’s nothing like a new setting and experiences to set the fires of love ablaze. Treat your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to a romantic weekend where it’s just the two of you. 


This gift card grants you and a special someone 3 nights in a hotel. Whether you want to spend them abroad or in one of the around 30.000 hotels in the US is completely up to you.


How it works:


GO DREAM’s hotel gift card system functions just like familiar booking sites.

Using this gift card, you can find several thousands of reputable hotels all over the world.

This gift card is valid for a 3-night stay for 2 in a hotel of your choosing. The receiver of the gift card can book their hotel when redeemed at


The gift card is super easy to use:

1. Click the “I have a Gift Card” button on the top left corner of then enter your gift card ID-number and redemption code.

2. The user will be directed to our booking site and then choose a destination and hotel. 

3. Continue through the booking process; no extra fees will be charged.

4. A confirmation email will be sent. Have a great trip! 


The gift card can be used almost anywhere in the world. The following are some exciting destinations available.




New York



Hong Kong


Kuala Lumpur

Las Vegas

… and many more!


This gift card can be used for thousands of hotels worldwide with a varying number of hotel nights. The number of hotels nights is meant to be indicative and is entirely dependent on the individuals hotel’s prices, which will vary according to its standards, the season and the days of the week you wish to book.

3 nights
3 nights in one of thousands of hotels worldwide. All hotels are 3-5 star hotels.
For 2 people
After activating the gift card you will be sent to our booking page.

We wrap your experience nicely

It's the idea that counts, but now there's nothing better than getting a gift that's wrapped nicely.

If you want your gift card right away, we can send it to your inbox and you can fold it as you please.


Receive your Experience Gift Card inside a Go Dream Gift Box. Dream Journal is included. Flat Rate Shipping Nationwide.

Gift Box

With every Go Dream Gift Box you also get a Dream Journal. Put down your experiences in writing and make them last a life time.

Dream Journal

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Romantic weekend
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$ 499
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