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Romantic Gondola trip

authentic Venetian gondolas

Romantic Gondola trip

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Romantic Gondola trip
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Romantic Gondola trip

Authentic and captivating Italian gondola


Take a magical gondola trip


This genuine gondola trip in a Venetian gondola is a treat. The experienced gondolier will row you gently along the bridges, parks and rivers while singing - in Italian! Bring your own wine or champagne. This experience includes two keepsake wine glasses hand-painted with 14k gold rims. You will be served handmade specialty chocolates and handmade Italian wine biscuits, so feel free to bring cheese or other nibbles to go with it.


This is a perfect trip for your special night out, an experience of la dolce vita.

40 min.
Romantic gondola trip incl. a live musician to accompany your trip. Two keepsake wine glasses hand-painted with 14k gold rims. A set of specialty chocolates. A framed 5x7 photo of your party. Non-alcoholic sparkling peach cider. Ice bucket, wine glasses, opener for BYOB. Handmade Italian wine biscuits. The gondolier will sing for you on your trip.
2 people included
The gondola have a max of 6 persons. Wear weather-appropriate clothing: Your choice of a live musician to accompany your trip. Choices include accordion, mandolin, guitar, violin, and baritone or soprano vocalist. Please note that not all musicians are available on all days Bring your own bottle(s) of wine, prosecco, juice, etc.

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