Ride a Motorcycle on the Open Road

About Ride a Motorcycle on the Open Road

• Rent a motorcycle for 2 days to go wherever the road may take you!
• Choose from brands like Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, & more!
• Pick it up, ride, and drop it off in a different city, if you want!

Have you ever enjoyed having the ultimate freedom to do what you want? Let the open road be the guide with this experience. Rent a real motorcycle for up to two days and take it wherever you want. From Manhattan to Jersey to PA and back; it's all good! Choose from a multitude of different bikes and brands to ensure you get the ride of your dreams. Patrons can even ride it to a different city altogether and, as long as there's a drop off point there, leave it. This is truly an experience about freedom, the road, and finding yourself as much as finding an adventure. So if you have a motorcycle license or you know someone with one, and could use a break from the monotony of daily life, get them this experience for the perfect getaway!

If you've ever wanted to explore the East Coast or give a present unlike any other, "Ride the Open Road."

good to know

2 days, round trip or one way
This experience includes a 2 day motorcycle rental in the NYC area with selections like Harley Davidson, Susuki, Yamaha and Indian.
Valid for:
For 1 or 2 people with motorcycle drivers licenses.
Important info:
Patrons must have a motorcycles license to participate in this experience.

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Ride a Motorcycle on the Open Road
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