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Rice Farmer for 48 Hours

Feel the striking contrast between rice cultivation and a 5-star hotel stay

Rice Farmer for 48 Hours

About Rice Farmer for 48 Hours

• Test your endurance, determination, and physical capabilities to their limits! 
• See the world from a completely different perspective as you break from your usual routine. 
• Relax in a 5-star hotel while you're not knee deep in mud & rice!

Doing the same things from day to day on a never ending loop can not only become boring but create a feeling of stagnation and depression. How does one beat these feelings? How does one get away from it all? How does one relearn an appreciation for the opportunities and placement they've been able to seize in life? These are challenging questions that even the best of us handle every day. GO DREAM has the perfect answer to relieving you of your daily burdens and life quality inquiries.

Rice Farming is one of the most engaging and physically straining professions a modern person can divulge themselves in. It involves working on your feet, your knees, and your patience. It will make a tiring workout at the gym look like a walk along the beach with a smoothie and music playing in the background. This experience is meant to take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to take on the life of someone who is far less fortunate than most. The time you spend in Changsha will not all be hard work and vigorous labor. In your free time, you will be able to take in the beautiful scenery of the farm and gain a realization of how different life is compared to your daily chores. The combination of amazing surroundings and continuously quiet work will put you in a zen-like state, which will fill your soul up with an atmosphere of bliss and peace. Perhaps the best part of this experience is coming back to the 5-star hotel at the end of the 48 hours on the farm and enjoying a body/foot massage before you truly learn the definition of relaxation in your more-than-comfy hotel room.

This experience gift is not for the weak of heart. This will challenge your physical capabilities as well as your determination and devotion to completing prideful work. So if you're looking to take a break from your usual routines, this experience will do that and more; leaving you with a completely renewed look on life and your importance in the world.

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Approximately 7 days and nights
-3 days and nights at a 5-star hotel in Changsha, China-2 hours of body- and foot massage-48 hours of working/living farm life-A professional farmer guiding you through the routines of sowing the crops while slowly moving backwards-Standing with your back bent, muddy to your knees, placing tiny grains of rice in straight rows-Meals
Valid for:
1 person, adult.This experience can be arranged to include more than one person.
Important info:
-This experience requires good physical condition -Transportation is not included

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