Reflexology Body Work

• Enjoy a rejuvenating reflexology session!
• Let a professional reflexologist revitalize your body's tense spots.
• A fantastic spa in Greenwich Village is the convenient location.

Looking to find some peace and calm after a gruelling day on your feet? A reflexology session may be just what you need.

People have been feeling the benefits of reflexology since its ancient beginnings as a popular form of traditional Chinese medicine, and effects can’t be ignored; it’s been known to curb or cure problems like anxiety, headaches, PMS, and sinusitis in those who go for regular treatments. Being in NYC can trigger any (or all!) of these problems, so a holistic approach may be just what you need to cure your body aches. Experience the delicate touch of your personal masseuse, who’ll rub down some sorely overlooked pressure points on feet with essential oils. Once you leave your session and set out to conquer the Big Apple, you’ll feel all kinds of rejuvenated—that is a gift in itself.

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Vada Spa

New York
Approximately 1 hour
One Reflexology Session
1 Person, Adult

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Reflexology Body Work
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