• The world's largest and most-loved seafood restaurant company.

• Gift card valid at any Red Lobster® location

• Over 700 locations including Times Square in New York City



With a proud heritage and an even brighter future, Red Lobster® is focused on serving the highest quality, freshly prepared seafood that is traceable, sustainable and responsibly-sourced.  


This restaurant chain is visited by millions of customers per year who come to enjoy its expansive menu, lively atmosphere and consistent, delicious food. 


At Red Lobster, you'll find high quality, wild-caught lobster and crab options as well as a variety of shrimp and fish preparations.  Whether you're enjoying dishes from their Endless Shrimp, Crabfest or Lobesterfest events or one of their cravable entrees like the Ultimate Feast® which includes Tender Maine lobster tail, Wild Caught North American snow crab legs and two different kinds of shrimp, don't forget about their amazing signature Cheddar Bay Biscuits®!


Red Lobster® creates a fun atmosphere for its guests who keep coming back for the dining experience. Bring your significant other for a weekend date, take our kids or a group of friends.


No matter what location you choose, what you order or who you are with, a visit to Red Lobster® is always a meal to remember!

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Gift card valid at any Red Lobster® locationOver 700 locations including Times Square in New York City
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The most popular seafood chain restaurant in the United States

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