Record Your Song Like a Pro

Record Your Song Like a Pro

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Record Your Song Like a Pro
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Record Your Song Like a Pro

• Record your dream song in a fully functional professional recording studio!
• Make use of the professional help in the studio, including production, mixing, and mastering of the track.
Enjoy unbelievable quality, similar to something you'd hear on the radio, iTunes, or TV!

We've all had dreams of recording that hit single that would perpetually send off our professional music careers sky high! Well, don't "Go Dream" too much because Go Dream has your experience right here! Enjoy the help of producers, engineers, and a professional music recording studio setting as you record your dream track. All music and accompaniment can be provided if you're interested in just laying down some vocals. If you'd like to bring in your instruments as well, that's great! Bring in an original to lay down, or create a cover, it's all good! In this experience, you're the artist, which means you get to call the shots! It's all up to you! Your song will be professionally mixed, produced, and mastered, so feel free to use this as your musical catalyst for your career. Everyone will be impressed!

This experience is great for everyone from a little girl with big dreams to a mother of four who likes to sing in the car! Record your track and become a singing star with Go Dream!

About 75 minutes
This experience includes one song recording, 45 minutes of recording time, Professional mixing, mastering, and producing, and an official audio MP3 or CD.
For 1 person, all ages!

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