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Radio Frequency Skin Treatment

Radio Frequency Skin Treatment

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Radio Frequency Skin Treatment
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Radio Frequency Skin Treatment

• Enjoy perfectly smooth skin after this Radio Frequency Skin Treatment.
• This new treatment is the perfect solution to update an outdated skin regime.
• Take a relaxing girl's night out for the perfect, confidence boosting session!

Let the sound waves at a radio frequency level immerse your skin in energy that will tighten, warm up, and improve collagen production in your skin. This is a soothing and relaxing skin treatment that will leave you feeling radiant and new. The newly produced collagen will fill in the cracks and wrinkles that exist way down in the depths of your skin tissue, which will leave you with an appearance and physical feeling of smooth skin. This is a completely non-surgical process with results that are just as great.

Benefits of radio frequency include, but are not limited to, wrinkle reduction, smoother and firmer skin, restored collagen, improved skin elasticity, and overall younger looking skin!

Get two of these experiences and make it a girls night out! This experience is located in NYC and is provides the perfect opportunity to explore more than just the lines of your epidermis!

30 to 45 Mins.
- One relaxing Radio Frequency Skin Care Treatment
1 Person, All Ages

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