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Queens: Forest Hills & Corona Tour

Queens: Forest Hills & Corona Tour

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Queens: Forest Hills & Corona Tour
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Queens: Forest Hills & Corona Tour

 Take a trip through Queens most diverse and beautiful neighborhoods
 Learn about the history and culture that made Queens what it is today
 Stop at Lemon Ice King in Corona and the U.S.'s first garden community in Forest Hills

Queens is home to people of all different ethnicities, making it one of the most diverse boroughs in NYC. Take a tour around the borough with experts who will guide guests through two particularly interesting neighborhoods, Forest Hills and Corona. Both have unique histories that help to explain how they came to be what they are today. In Forest Hills, guests will walk through and see the first garden community in the U.S. In Corona, guests will pay a visit to the infamous Lemon Ice King, known for the very best and popular Italian ices in NYC.

Also included in this experience is a walk through Flushing Meadows Corona Park, where the World’s Fair took place not once, but twice! You’ll also get to explore the Queens Museum and eventually end up at the Hall of Science. This experience is ideal for newbies to the area and people who love American history and culture.

About 2.5 hours
This experience gift includes a tour through Forest Hills and Corona, Queens. The tour also includes stops at Lemon Ice King, the U.S.'s first garden community, Flusing Meadows Corona Park, and other historical landmarks in Queens, NY!
For 1 person, all ages
We advise guests to wear comfortable shoes and bring along a water bottle.

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