Private Tour of The Cloisters: Medieval Art and Gardens

• Take a beautiful, cultural getaway that is only a subway ride away!
• Truly appreciate the hidden beauty of the tour with the company of an professional Art Historian.
• Check out the medieval atmosphere and old-world European architecture!

This experience takes you from the current industrial age and economic development to a time seemingly more simple. The tour brings together puzzle pieces throughout history to convey a complete and engaging experience.  Patrons will get to see things brought over straight from Europe and European museums that have been preserved throughout history. The Art Historian that will accompany you will be able to give you background and information on all of the fantastic sights. Simply take the A train through Manhattan to a land that looks nothing like NYC. Combining the art & architecture from medieval French cloisters with gorgeous gardens fit for a king makes this museum a viewing pleasure for everyone. See this medieval museum built from ruins transported originally from Spain & France with your own eyes!

A perfect evening experience for New Yorkers that want to feel like a tourist again!

2 hours
This experience includes a complete tour through the medieval museum of Cloisters with an official Art Historian.
For 1 or 2 people, all ages.

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Private Tour of The Cloisters: Medieval Art and Gardens
$ 399
$ 399
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