Private Jet to the Beach

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Private Jet to the Beach
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Private Jet to the Beach

• Enjoy the benefit of a private flight from New York City to Florida.
• Skip the hassles of lines, TSA, customs, and all the typical airport hustle!
Get dropped off on Florida;s gorgeous and infamous West Palm Beach!

This is no joke! Find 7 other friends, co-workers, clergy members, or what have your and enjoy one of the classiest experiences out there. You and your crew will board a private jet charter for West Palm Beach, Florida. Along the ride, enjoy the casual atmosphere of a private jet, where you get to roam free and take advantage of having your own ride in the sky! Even when the ride is over, you'll have the sun and suds to keep you plenty entertained for the length of your stay! This is a truly beautiful experience, perfect for a big family vacation in style!

Take your closest friends and family for the ride of their lives. For an unforgettable experience, look no further!

The flight takes 2 - 3 hours.
This experience includes a private jet ride for up to 8 people to a beautiful beach in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Price includes flight for 1 - 8 people, all ages!

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