Private 6 Month "Get In Shape" Program
Private 6 Month "Get In Shape" Program

• Exercise three times a week with a person trainer!
• All sessions are completely tailored to your needs and wants.
• Reach your personal body goal in 6 months or less!

Get in shape for your wedding, for the summer, for your next cosplay, for the upcoming triathlon, or for your own health. Whatever your reason and whatever your goal, this is the experience that will take you there. This is an all inclusive physical training course that lasts for 6 months, 3 times a week. Everything is planned according to your wants, needs, and goals. Your personal, private trainer will come up with a complete routine to kick your butt into shape by the your goals end date, complete with nutrition planning. There are no group classes and everything is based on your preferences.

If you know someone who needs a little encouragement or if you're looking to better yourself, this is the experience for you. Be prepared to devote yourself to your goal and actually reach it. Lose weight, tone muscles, and feel healthier with this "Private 6-month Get In Shape Program" for you!

Better than any Gym training options and more effective as well!

6 months: 3 1-hour classes per week, but class durations really depend on your preferences.
This experience includes a 6 month program of intensive, private fitness training and nutrition guidance to get fit and in shape!
For 1 or 2 people, ages 16 & up!
Patrons must be at least 16 years of age to participate in this experience. This experience lasts 6 months.

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Private 6 Month "Get In Shape" Program
$ 4,500
$ 4,500
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