Princess for One Day

A whole castle at your disposal – including a banqueting hall and magical surroundings!

Princess for One Day

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Princess for One Day
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Princess for One Day

• Rent a castle for a weekend to live out dreams of royalty and riches!
• Enjoy the sights and atmosphere as your imagination comes to life.
• Bring your friends along for the best weekend of your entire life!

Perhaps you were the type of little girl who dreamed of being a princess when she grew up. Now you can be least for a weekend. Located in the enchantingly scenic Lorraine region of France—with a magical forest and snow-capped mountains practically at arm’s reach—you and your enchanted friends (and perhaps your prince) can have the beautifully historic Hattonchâtel Château at your disposal for a weekend.

You’ll instantly feel like royalty the moment you roll up to the castle and discover a red carpet waiting for your arrival. Follow the regal throw to the extravagantly decorated interiors—filled with distinguished chandeliers and flowers around every bend—where you’ll find a roaring fireplace, a fully-stocked library, and historically chic “lady saloon”. When the sun goes down, admire the sunset views of the mountains from the splendid courtyard garden. It’s a scenario that you imagined only existing in the movies...except this is your life.

If you pictured having your wedding resemble the final scene of Beauty and the Beast, the Château’s professional wedding planners can assist you in creating your dream nuptials—from arranging the perfect ceremony to setting up your cozy bridal suite in the romantic tower room.

One weekend – overnight accommodation from Saturday to Sunday
-24 hour stay of the splendid castle Hattonchâtel Château in Lorraine, France-Full usage of the “Le Salle de Burgraves” hall, the library, the “lady saloon,” and the fireplace lounge-Overnight accommodation in the bridal suite during the stay-Full access to the atrium courtyard and the garden - garden furniture included-Beautifully set tables with chandeliers and flower decorations-Kindling of fireplace as needed-Red carpet by the entrance to the banqueting hall-Hoisting of flag-Final cleaning after the celebration
Fairy tale lovers, who dream of being a prince or princess
Not included: transportation, overnight accommodation, and dinner

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