Pilot for a Day
Fly a Plane and Bring Friends Along!
Pilot for a Day


·       Fly a plane yourself! You’ll get a 60-minute flight under the supervision of a professional pilot.

·       No pilot’s license or flight experience necessary. Absolute beginners are welcome and will get all the training they need.

·       Bring up to 2 friends as passengers.

Get ready for takeoff. We’ve all dreamed about flying, and now you can make those daydream fantasies a reality. With our Pilot for a Day experience, soar past the limits of human imagination and take flight. No flight experience necessary, even absolute beginners will get to takeoff, climb, and descend on your own. A trained pilot will land the plane and be there with you every step of the way during your flight. Everheart Air’s trained flight instructors will support you through your flight and insure your safety. 

This experience includes a 60-minute crew-assisted first-time flight and 30 minutes of ground training. Ground training can even be arranged in advance over Skype so you can come to the airport ready for flight. Feel free to bring a couple passengers along for the ride—the plane can hold you and up to 2 other friends (weight limit 400lbs.). A photography session is included for you and your passengers, so you can remember your incredible day forever. 

Flights are available daily, every half hour from 6AM-8:30PM and fly out of an airport in Farmingdale, NY.  For New Yorkers who rely on public transportation, they have complimentary bus pickup for students who don’t have a car. 

You’ll be in the air for a 60-minute flight and on the ground for 30 minutes of training.
Besides your 60 minutes of flight time, you’ll also get a photography session with you and up to 2 friends.
1 person will be taking the flight lesson, but up to 2 others can come along as passengers.
Ground training is available as a Skype session in advance and a complimentary bus service can pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

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Pilot for a Day
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