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Learn to Use Your Camera

Learn to Use Your Camera

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Learn to Use Your Camera
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Learn to Use Your Camera

• This is a completely hands-on photography lesson!
• Enjoy a tour through Chelsea along the lesson.
• Learn how to understand the fundamentals of making the most of your photography.

Unless you were born a photography whiz, chances are that you might have a hard time understanding how to use your first camera. Shutter speed, what’s that? Should you use flash for every shot you take? Why does every shot you take end up blurry?

Leave the basics to the pros. This intimate photography class in Chelsea will walk you through every aspect of how to work your digital camera—from what kind of lens is best to use for specific shots, to perfecting your exposure for the quintessentially romantic sunset shot you’ve been dying to take. If you’re expecting to spend the afternoon taking notes on camera parts, think again; this photography lesson is strictly hands-on. 

3 Hours
A three-hour intensive beginners' photography class
1 Person, All Ages
This class requires that you have a digital camera that allows you to set the aperture and shutter speed manually.

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