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Pasta Dinner for 2, Citywide

Pasta Dinner for 2, Citywide

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Total price: $45
Pasta Dinner for 2, Citywide
Total price: $45 Price
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Pasta Dinner for 2, Citywide
  • An Italian Pasta dinner for 2 redeemable across NYC
  • Includes enough for about 2 entrees and 2 beverages 
  • Different menus available depending on the restaurant chosen
Oh Pasta! The adopted Italian dish we love to eat and hate when we get on the scale.  Some are saucy.  Some are cheesy (just like this line).  Some are both and some are in broth. 

Whatever kind you prefer you can find it and savor it with this experience from GO DREAM.

This tasty Italian dinner for 2 is redeemable at various restaurant and across the 5 boroughs. It includes 2 entrees and 2 non alcoholic beverages that you can exchange for wine at some establishments. 

Pasta items will vary but all of them will be delicious. No matter the place you choose you can always expect some classics such as Lasagna, Pasta Carbonara, Pesto, Pasta Pomodoro, Penne Vodka along with some specialty items such Ravioli in Radish and Speck Sauce, Tagliatelle al Ragù, Pasta al Forno, Burrata Ravioli, and actually, the list never ends...

Choose from several atmospheric, cozy eateries and look forward to enjoying a nice meal filled with cultural tradition.
Enjoy yourself this wonderful experience or give a brunch gift card to a couple you love, your parents, or a friend.
Take your time and enjoy
Includes a consumption of $45 which is usually enough for 2 entrees and 2 beverages which can be exchanged for wine at some establishments.
Dinner for 2 without any age restrictions. Alcoholic beverages only for people 21 and up.
Menus vary from place to place. However all restaurants chosen have similar offerings and a 4 star rating or higher.

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