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Paragliding in the Catskills

Paragliding in the Catskills

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Paragliding in the Catskills
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Paragliding in the Catskills

• Learn how to soar high above the ground and people with a paragliding lesson!
• See the scenic side of NY from a unique bird's eye view.
• Get your adrenaline pumping as you fly across the sky!

Soaring the endless skies like Peter Pan may seem like a pipe dream. Fortunately, there’s a way to accomplish your childhood dream—with a little bit of assistance, of course.

At this dedicated flight school in Upstate New York’s Catskills, you’ll learn how to fly a lightweight paraglider with a certified instructor who knows every nook and cranny of the mountains. After a brief lesson on aerodynamics and proper usage of the equipment at hand, you’ll be off paragliding from high altitudes, getting the perfect bird’s eye view of the nature-filled site below.

Perfect for the adventure sports lover in your life, this experience is the ideal way to get your heart racing.

3 hours
3 hours discovery day to learn about paragliding and try it out! The class consists of an orientation, equipment familiarization, ground handling, and meteorology. Based on the conditions and pilots ability we proceed onto to the training hill where flights up to 35' are possible.
1 Person, Ages 14-70
Waivers must be filled out prior to flying the site.

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