Open Rye Lunch at Claus Meyer's Great Northern Food Hall

• Enjoy 2 smørrebrød and a beer, the savory and hard-to-pronounce open-faced sandwiches, which have been a beloved staple in its native Denmark for hundreds of years
• The smørrebrød are made fresh to order with various toppings using the season’s best vegetables, house-cured meats, and fish, with homemade pickles and condiments.
• Usually, Danes eat their smørrebrød sandwiches with knife and fork, but don’t let that scare you! You can eat them any way you like. Grab a seat and enjoy your smørrebrød with a beer, Danish style


Americans and Danes alike will be able to enjoy this experience to it's fullest potential. Eat your heart out on two decadent sandwiches from one of Grand Central Terminal's fine-dining selections, Great Northern Food Hall by Claus Meyer. 

Great Northern Food Hall offers Nordic inspired food with seasonal menus that showcase the New York region’s best produce.
Located in Grand Central Terminal, Great Northern Food Hall is a destination for foodies and busy New Yorkers alike, a place to grab a quick bite on the go or to share a meal and unwind in an informal setting of Scandinavian hospitality. 


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Great Northern Food Hall

New York
Take your time to enjoy your meal and perhaps even some dessert and coffee.
This experience includes 2 authentic Open Rye sandwiches and a beverage of your choice in the exciting setting of Grand Central Terminal!
For 1 person, all ages. Beers can be substituted for a Soda or Water.

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Open Rye Lunch at Claus Meyer's Great Northern Food Hall
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