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Old-World European Eateries Tour

Old-World European Eateries Tour

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Old-World European Eateries Tour
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Old-World European Eateries Tour

• Take a thorough tour of Manhattan's Lower East Village.
• Enjoy countless tastings of things like Pierogis, Kielbasa, Egg Creams, and other baked goods!
• Walk, eat, and enjoy sights like Bowery Church and St. Mark's Place, among many others.

Old-World European Eateries are in abundance in this specific location of Manhattan. The Lower East Village is famous for it's many different cultural restaurants and options. This tour focuses on pierogis, but there will also be plenty of tasting of other great Old-World cuisines. This walking tour starts in the front of Little Poland and stretches through the busiest and most cultural parts of the Lower East Village. Fill your stomachs and keep active on this fascinating food tour of NYC!

This tour is the best gift for people who are new to NYC and are looking to expand their knowledge of the amazing city! Alternatively, this is also a great idea for a dinner date with someone who loves cultural dishes!

3 hours
This experience gift includes a tour through East Village, Manhattan, professional tour guide services, many chances to taste delicious Pierogis and other foods, and opportunities to see historic New York sights.
The tour is for groups of 2 or 4, all ages.
Food samples are subject to change based on tour day and time.

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