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Old-School Red Sauce Italian for 2

Old-School Red Sauce Italian for 2

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Old-School Red Sauce Italian for 2
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Old-School Red Sauce Italian for 2

• Visit an authentic Italian restaurant for a cultural meal.
• Submerge yourself in the culture of old New York and Italian roots.
• Bring a friend or significant other along for the perfect date night!

This experience isn't all about the food. Don't get us wrong; there will be plenty of food, but this experience is about living out the culture and heritage that is and Italian New Yorker. Since the early 1800s, Italian culture has been a defining trait to New York City. Everything from music to Broadway and back to pizza has been dramatically influenced by Italian American heritage. Come to this amazingly classic and authentic Italian restaurant for amazing food and a real Italian experience.

This is the kind of experience perfect for date night. The food, atmosphere, and service is the best Manhattan can offer!

The length of your meal
This experience includes a classic Italian dinner for two, complete with appetizers, drinks, and entrées!
For 2 people, ages 21 & up!
Patrons must be at least 21 years of age to participate in this experience.

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