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NYC Donuts: Get to Know One of The Best Shops

NYC Donuts: Get to Know One of The Best Shops

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NYC Donuts: Get to Know One of The Best Shops
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NYC Donuts: Get to Know One of The Best Shops

• Witness and experience one of NYC's most prideful Donut Bakery!
Eat fresh donuts straight from the ovens and take a few home too!
The taste of speciality donuts, the perfect blend of coffee, and the city-grown atmosphere will make you feel like a real New Yorker!

Take a break from the monotonous Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. This experience is dedicated to the real, home-grown donut bakeries in New York City. At these spots, where the donuts are made and beans are grounded, you will enjoy the full spectacle. Sit down to 2 coffees and 6 donuts for up to 6 people. Choose from things like donut ice cream sandwiches, Nutella filled donuts, Cake Donuts, and some of the good ole classics too! Everything all natural and made from the highest quality ingredients right there, on location. These donuts will truly show patrons the difference between fast food chains and carefully baked donuts. This experience is all about the best donuts in NYC, so bring a friend and enjoy a donut-wholehearted experience.

The length of a casual coffee & donut sit-down meal.
This experience includes 2 coffees and 6 donuts for two people, but additions will be made if there are more people in the group.
For 1 - 6 people, all ages!

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