Body Painting + Photos

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Body Painting + Photos
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Body Painting + Photos

• Work with professional painters and artists as they turn you into a masterpiece!
• Share this experience with a significant other or friend and create memories to never forget.
• Use the prints from this experience as your home's next conversation piece.

This is for a nude, head-to-toe body painting experience. The experience starts by setting up an appointment with our partner. Once the appointment is set, you will be able to walk in, choose from a long list of famous paintings, get painted, and then enjoy the one-hour professional photo session with the partner's in house photographer. Guests are free to choose your own design, but if your design is more complex than these, our painter will simplify the design to work with the available time frame. After the experience, your photos will be available through an online gallery for your eyes only. Also included is a $100 print credit to get some prints of your photos to take home! The Nude Body Painting for 2 option is the same but for couples or two friends who want to feel artistic and experience live art in real time.

This experience gift is perfect for those who feel great about their bodies or feel comfortable in the nude. It is also a great way to get a little outside of your comfort zone and try something brand new!

The Nude Body Painting session lasts for 3 hours, which includes the painting session as well as the photo opportunity.
Nude Body Painting for one includes a 2 hours nude body painting session, a 1 hour studio photography session, a private online, photo gallery, and a $100 voucher with photo print credit The Nude Body Painting for 2 includes a 2 hour nude body painting session, a 1 hour studio photography session, a private online, photo gallery, and a $150 voucher with photo print credit.
1 or 2 People, Ages 21+
- Please make sure to make an appointment 2-3 weeks in advance - Wine is allowed and can be brought to class - No Guests Allowed - What is to be painted is decided by you and your painter

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