Maternity Belly Painting


·       Celebrate pregnancy with a 60-minute belly painting session!

·       Work with an artist to choose a design that speaks to you.

·       Be sure to bring your camera! Take pictures to remember this moment forever.

Pregnancy is a miraculous thing that should be celebrated! Get excited about the new life you’re bringing into the world with a maternity belly painting session. This is a unique way to honor expectant mothers and show them that their bodies are truly works of art! Artists will work with you to create a design best for your body and cover your belly and upper torso with a stunning creation. 

This experience is best for expectant moms in their seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Your session will start with a consultation with the artist to decide on a design. Then the artist will paint your belly, and afterwards you can take pictures of their beautiful work. Professional photoshoots are also available for an additional cost. Please make your reservation at least two weeks in advance! 

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Denart NY

1 hour
Includes artist consultation and 1 hour of body painting.
1 expectant mom
All paints are water based to protect the mother and baby from any chemical harm. A 1-hour studio photography session is available afterwards at an additional cost. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance!

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Maternity Belly Painting
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